PM Modi’s game plan

PM Modi

PM Modi

There is no doubt that PM Modi has captured imagination of Indians and the global citizens alike. His sworn critics can’t go to bed without having done their daily constitutional of ‘Hate Modi’ activities. His approval ratings continue to be very high despite their campaign.  However, what we read in media confuses us. Therefore, I decided to take a good look at what is happening and what we can expect from Modi Sarkar.

Before I start, I set down my expectations of directional shifts from Modi Sarkar:

My expectations of directional shifts by 2019

  1. Major increase in jobs or livelihood earning opportunities
  2. Country’s external and internal security on a very strong footing
  3. Rule of law felt by all. The mighty should be scared of taking law in their hands and the ordinary people should feel reassured by law
  4. Overhaul of agriculture sector for benefit of 50% of population and for reducing urbanization pressure
  5. Major improvements in mass transportation -intracity and intercity
  6. Cleaner air, water and a better ecological balance
  7. Right to information to be expanded to include right to fair and accurate coverage of news by media
  8. Congress Mukta Bharat: Elimination of Congress Culture** (divisive culture)

It is easier to read and print this  long form article as pdf  file than from a blog format. The full article ‘PM Modi’s game plan’ can be downloaded here:  pm-modis-game-planver1.pdf    (3786 words) Here is what you can expect.

Contents of the full article:

Signs of good progress and paradigm shifts

Things which haven’t progressed well

Likely scenario of 2019

What might be PM Modi’s game plan?

Hemant Karandikar

About the author:

Hemant is an IIT Bombay Alumnus. He is Leadership Coach, Strategy, UI\UX Design Consultant. Hemant is interested in economy, politics, culture, & technology. He has written ‘Lead to Regenerate’ – program book for learning regenerative leadership. He writes on these subjects on his blogs and  He is a long distance runner. Follow him on twitter