Anthem of Aggrieved Community

I won’t say Bharat Mata ki Jai
And I will support Afzal n Ishrat

Wont do Surya Namaskar
But I want Yoga Teacher Job

Your Constitution is not above my Holy Book
I don’t care about your 5000 yr or whatever yr old culture. Only last 800 yrs since the Holy Book matter to us

Don’t tell me how many wives I should have
And why can’t I give an oral divorce to my wives

I hv right to teach my children 800 yr old scriptures and nothing else
But I want job reservations in proportion to our population share

I want minority rights, but we shall be a majority for sure. We are in some districts.

I am not a terrorist, I am only a believer.

You say that ‘My Religion is Religion of Peace’, I never said that.

We shall see then.



You bigot, non-believer, you are profiling me!


Modi continues to confound Left and Right

Those who called Modi a mascot of Right Wing Hindu Fringe had to eat crow in 2014 because of his massive victory. Fringe doesn’t get absolute majority and over 31% vote share. No one calls him that anymore. Soon after he took over, he launched the massive J.A.M. (Jan Dhan Aadhar Mobile)  initiative for direct inclusion of the common and poor people in government’s subsidy, support, development programs. As of March 9, 2016 there are over 21 Crore Jan Dhan accounts with over Rs 34,200 Crore balance and accounts with zero balance were under just 29% . More than a third of these accounts are linked through Aadhar (source:  Wikipedia ) Modi continued with MNREGA.  The Left chose to ignore this massive grassroots welfare thrust and the Right said that Modi has no vision and that he was continuing where the Congress left. The Left decided to play up ‘intolerance’ and ‘divisiveness’

The ‘great’ Arun Shourie famously snarled that ‘NDA is nothing but Congress plus Cow’

Take this year’s budget. Massive hikes in allocations for rural and farm sectors, rural connectivity, and MNREGA, and affordable housing on one hand, and extra 10% dividend tax for those getting more than Rs 10 Lakh dividend (Tata, Ambani’s and Adani and some others less famous will pay more), refusal to remove retrospective taxation from the books on other hand, have confounded both the Right Wing and Left Wing. Modi Sarkar has gone a step further by getting the  Aadhar Law passed for enabling direct transfer of a wide ranging subsidies. Supreme Court had restricted Aadhar due to lack of legislative sanction.

The Rahul Gandhi, Congress, Commies and other on the Left have have to eat crow again for calling Modi  Right Wing leader and his government a Suit-Boot ki Sarkar. Even the Communist leaders, when asked, mutter “nothing in the Budget for the corporate sector” . Some people on the Right continued to sulk because they did not find ‘big bang reforms’ of their type.

Congress has two reactions: A) The Budget Copies Congress Ideas  B) The Budget Lacks Vision! This eloquently showcases Congress’ intellectual prowess!

India doesn’t have real Right Wingers. Those who oppose the Left on any subject automatically become Right Wingers, Reactionaries, Bigots, Fascists, or Fanatics.  There are some who insist on calling themselves Right Wing because they oppose MNREGA, other subsidies, and they insist on privatization. They also follow Harvard and Forbes economic prescriptions. They prefer MNCs more than Desi corporations. They favor Desi Corporations more than MSME companies. And they favor any business over consumers.  But even they aren’t in favor of markets deciding everything.

The X Factor

But we, at least most of us, are neither Left Wingers nor Right Wingers. So far we have been stuck between these two fringes. What does the PM Modi mean for us?

We have to take into account that there is this huge X factor, called PM Modi. Why?  When you were not reading TOI \ IE\ Hindu made-to-order headlines and when you were not watching scripted histrionics  of TV anchors,  did you notice that the previous summer went without so much of load shedding? Now our Power Minister tells us that there is enough power in the grid to meet demand from any state.  Have you noticed that railways have shown improvements in cleanliness and ticketing (Oh their web site actually responds in real time!)? Have you noticed that pace of highway construction has accelerated from 11 km to 16 kms a day? (target 30!) Do you know that rural electrification is ahead of its targets? Aren’t you getting LPG refills just by a phone call? Aren’t you getting IT refunds faster? Even the eternally sick Air India is likely to make cash profits by next year.

Both the Left and the Right have missed these ‘small’ improvements like revival of Coal India, Railways, NHAI, Oil Marketing Companies and Income Tax Department-all in Public Sector or in Government sector.  You know why. The track record of the Left suggests that it is just not interested in any improvements. It’s agenda is to create unrest somehow and exploit it. The Right ideologically opposes any government involvement and the public sector.

The Right has been saying that ‘ease of doing business’ is just a slogan and has been asking questions like ‘show me the GST?’ and  ‘How about withdrawal of retrospective taxation?’  Consider this. There is a lawyer with a major law firm who writes, “The Finance Bill, 2016, ushers in an unparalleled effort to simplify and rationalize some of the cumbersome requirements in the existing direct tax regime. The thrust of these changes has been to provide relief to small taxpayers and to reduce tax disputes.” Lawyers usually issue disclaimers. But this is an unambiguous message. Full text is here

The hardworking Modi and his cabinet is the X factor that confounds the Left and the Right. Here is what we can expect under Modi Sarkar.

  1. Better irrigation, rural and national road connectivity, rural electrification, crop insurance, 1000’s of fertilizer retail outlets with soil testing facilities and national agricultural market platform will result in higher agricultural growth and farmer income on which still majority of us depend
  2. Ease of doing business, Start up India, and special scheme for SC \ ST entrepreneurs will create more jobs. The idea is not to depend on just big manufacturing. Skill training boost will help these.
  3. Continued thrust on Make in India will increase jobs and increase economic activity leading to multiplier effects
  4. Pace of black money detection and recovery will increase. See my article

There are many other initiatives to support above, but these are too many to list here. During the  Congress regime the massive allocations mentioned above would be bad news because it would have meant more money in pockets of netas and middlemen. The X factor crosses that out.

Making the Government and Public Sector Work

Modi Sarkar still has a lot do. But PM Modi has shown that the government machinery and Public Sector behemoths can be made to work better and faster. States have more financial space and and a supportive working Central Government with many outstanding schemes. State Governments are even more crucial now.

If you keep looking for only  big ticket privatization, tax benefits, and high profile arrests and raids, you will continue to miss the massive transformation underway. The Right has been missing this.  PM Modi has gone ahead and launched massive grassroots transformation.  Update: UPI based person to person mobile payment system that is bank-agnostic has been launched by National Payments Corporation (NPCI) . This will do to all money transfers what Aadhar is doing to subsidies.

RBI Governor Rajan recently said “India is on a cusp of a revolution”  (end of update)

Both the Left and the Right have missed these real changes.

Neither the Left, nor the Right have worked out a framework that our Bharat needs. Both have copied their ideologies from the West. Karl Marx, like Adam Smith, was a Westerner.

As PM Modi shapes Bharat’s progress, the Left and the Right Imports from the West are moving to fringes.

Let us Elect State Governments Wisely

But why should we care about the Left or the Right? For the first time since independence, we have a government which doesn’t follow anything blindly.  It takes time to work things out. This government may make mistakes. But its intent is right. It is competent too.  Let us now elect our state governments wisely.

Why this intolerance against PM Modi

It has nothing to do with democracy, concern for poor, concern for minorities, concern for Dalits, opposing fascism, or concern for India’s Constitution.

Whether it was Yakub supporter Rohith’s suicide or crackdown on JNU’s  ‘Bharat ki Barbadi’ culture the Congress \ Commies \ Maoists \Jihadis \Evangelists and their media friends are constantly cooking up reasons for attacking P M Modi. If it is purely a political activity nothing wrong in it. But it isn’t. It’s a battle for survival of the corrupt and \ or the anti-national. Here is a partial list of those who are getting in big trouble.

Sonia & Rahul Gandhi getting ‘accused status’ (Courts give this) in National Herald case, Dawood Ebrahim’s properties in India and some other countries getting attached, Robert Vadra’s land grabs, Shahrukh Khan’s KKR and Kundu dealings, Lalit Modi in IPL scam ,  Vijay Mallya and his multi million dollar severance deal getting blocked,  PC Chidambaram and Karti C’s 2G and other links, NDTV’s FEMA violations, and the list goes on..

Add to this the Ishrat Jahan LeT  terror cover up conspiracy executed during Sonia \MMS \ PC rule which has now blown up and is getting investigated. India’s security was severely weakened.

Since last year, various foreign funded NGO s are required to file end-use of foreign money as per law. They can’t use money other than the stated purpose by them.

Tax treaties, auomatic information sharing with many nations and IT powered tax network are making hiding black money trails difficult.

The big corrupt fish are now cornered. Earlier they would ride through troubles based on a helpful government and a adulating media. Government is systematically investigating their scams. Vociferous social media are exposing  them making cover up ny main stream media difficult.

That’s the reason for this rising intolerance aaginst PM Modi.


Let’s all be Hindu Fundamentalists


Religious fundamentalists are on the rise and that is bad for our societies. Most people will agree on this. Yet few examine who religious fundamentalists are. Obviously, such persons would want to stick to the fundamentals of their religion. They want to live a life that is advocated in their holy books and would please their God. Now, since religious fundamentalists pose a problem, does it mean that the fundamentals of religions are bad for our societies? Let’s look at the three biggest religions:

Concerning Christianity, fundamentalists believe that God has revealed himself in the Bible and sent his only begotten son to earth to save all mankind. They believe in the first commandment: ‘You shall have no other gods before me’. Therefore, all humanity has to believe in the God of the Bible and his only son, Jesus Christ. Those who do not do so, will end up in…

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Having made Modi as number one enemy -to be neutralized politically or physically -Congress launched a conspiracy to cover up Ishrat Jahan’s membership of LeT and her and co-terrorists plan to kill Modi, the then CM of Gujarat. As revelations by the then Home Ministry (at Center) officials and Chidambaram’s own admission that ‘he stands by the (doctored) affidavit’ has made it necessary to investigate this whole affair of undermining nation’s security and aiding terrorists needs to be investigated and those guilty must be brought to book however mighty they may be.

It is clear that the mighty are involved in helping terrorists.  It is a covert war being waged against India.

Here are my reactions so far.

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Misuse? Sir UPA Govt helped LeT terrorist with . It amounts to covert war on India

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