Why this intolerance against PM Modi

It has nothing to do with democracy, concern for poor, concern for minorities, concern for Dalits, opposing fascism, or concern for India’s Constitution.

Whether it was Yakub supporter Rohith’s suicide or crackdown on JNU’s  ‘Bharat ki Barbadi’ culture the Congress \ Commies \ Maoists \Jihadis \Evangelists and their media friends are constantly cooking up reasons for attacking P M Modi. If it is purely a political activity nothing wrong in it. But it isn’t. It’s a battle for survival of the corrupt and \ or the anti-national. Here is a partial list of those who are getting in big trouble.

Sonia & Rahul Gandhi getting ‘accused status’ (Courts give this) in National Herald case, Dawood Ebrahim’s properties in India and some other countries getting attached, Robert Vadra’s land grabs, Shahrukh Khan’s KKR and Kundu dealings, Lalit Modi in IPL scam ,  Vijay Mallya and his multi million dollar severance deal getting blocked,  PC Chidambaram and Karti C’s 2G and other links, NDTV’s FEMA violations, and the list goes on..

Add to this the Ishrat Jahan LeT  terror cover up conspiracy executed during Sonia \MMS \ PC rule which has now blown up and is getting investigated. India’s security was severely weakened.

Since last year, various foreign funded NGO s are required to file end-use of foreign money as per law. They can’t use money other than the stated purpose by them.

Tax treaties, auomatic information sharing with many nations and IT powered tax network are making hiding black money trails difficult.

The big corrupt fish are now cornered. Earlier they would ride through troubles based on a helpful government and a adulating media. Government is systematically investigating their scams. Vociferous social media are exposing  them making cover up ny main stream media difficult.

That’s the reason for this rising intolerance aaginst PM Modi.



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