Anthem of Aggrieved Community

I won’t say Bharat Mata ki Jai
And I will support Afzal n Ishrat

Wont do Surya Namaskar
But I want Yoga Teacher Job

Your Constitution is not above my Holy Book
I don’t care about your 5000 yr or whatever yr old culture. Only last 800 yrs since the Holy Book matter to us

Don’t tell me how many wives I should have
And why can’t I give an oral divorce to my wives

I hv right to teach my children 800 yr old scriptures and nothing else
But I want job reservations in proportion to our population share

I want minority rights, but we shall be a majority for sure. We are in some districts.

I am not a terrorist, I am only a believer.

You say that ‘My Religion is Religion of Peace’, I never said that.

We shall see then.



You bigot, non-believer, you are profiling me!


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