Pakistan: Has the endgame begun?

There are signs that the convergence of foreign interests, which propped up Pakistan so far, is ending.


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PM Modi’s speech during the All Party Meeting on Kashmir violence asserting that Pakistan is behind the violence in the valley, that Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) belongs to India and that Pakistan must end atrocities in Baluchistan is as categorical as it gets as far as India’s position is concerned. Pakistan has been given a long rope by India.

Another expression of growing anger with Pakistan for its destructive role, is Maj Gen Bakshi, a private citizen, who said: ‘In our generation, we split Pakistan into 2. Your generation should split it into 4. Only then we can live in peace!’ (source)

Pakistan will find itself in greater and greater trouble at home and internationally, if it doesn’t mend its ways. Pakistan is an Unnatural State. It was created by Britain’s need for a strategic foothold in the Indian subcontinent, greed and haste of Congress leaders, Jinnah’s animosity towards them, and hatred of some misguided Muslims for their own Hindu ancestors’ land and religion. It has no culture of its own. Its provinces like Sind, Punjab, East Bengal which was once part of it and is now Bangladesh, and illegally occupied Kashmir (which is part of India) share their languages, cuisine, and customs with respective Indian regions. These provinces have a pan Indian culture. Afghanistan and Baluchistan have been part of this culture for ages.

 Creation of Bangladesh and constant strife among Shia and Sunni sects of Islam on its soil have exposed the falseness of Pakistan’s Islamic identity. Pakistan’s so called Islamic identity never had any legitimacy. Pakistan’s Generals and power hungry politicians foist a borrowed Islam based on Wahabi and Salafi and other extremist versions of Islam originating from some Arab countries. Their Mullahs and Maulvis are of great help in this graft of culture because it gives them more power. Pakistanis’ love of music, food, drink, and poetry (Shayri) is similar to Indians. Normal Pakistani’s are ill at ease with the borrowed Islam.

Pakistani rulers’ hatred of India and Hindu religion gets exploited by various terror groups. These groups get backing of the State. US and Western countries have funded Pakistan and terror networks to serve their own needs -Oil, check on Russia and keeping India down. China too finds Pakistan handy for its geo-political ambitions and commerce. Most of the aid that Pakistan gets goes in arms purchase and supporting terrorists for use against India and killing some of its own people.

A State which serves only foreigners’ interests and the State which has nothing for its own people, is inherently illegitimate. This State carries out genocide of its Hindu minority and commits atrocities in Baluchistan and Sind. Such a Pakistan is propped up by a faux-war-on-terror funded by the USA and West. In reality, it is an ongoing war against India.

Pakistan is not just a rogue state, but is a state which at risk due to its own internal contradictions of supporting terror and fighting terror and contradictions of taking pride in being a Muslim State and killing its own Muslims. Its people are suffering.

The world has stopped short of calling Pakistan a rogue State, but dossiers on Pakistan’s support to terror are getting thicker in Washington and Western Capitals. (Watch, for example: US House Foreign Affairs Joint Subcommittee hearing on Pakistan  )  US Congress has blocked supplies of F-16 fighter planes under aid program to Pakistan. Even Obama administration is asking Pakistan to walk its talk on terror. But terror continues to strike in Pakistan while terrorists like Hafeez Saeed roam free there.

When interests of World Powers and those of Islamic terrorists start diverging Pakistan’s props will collapse. This process has already started. Under fire from their own citizens, USA and Western governments will increasingly look to combat terror on war footing and take down every things that help it.  Irrespective of who becomes US President next, Trump’s campaign has made it difficult for American administration to willfully ignore terror or support it. (Read )

Nuclear Pakistan, in which there is no single authority and accountability and in which terror outfits do what they please, is a dangerous ally.

Contrast this with India under Narendra Modi. It is a stable democratic country with a strong economy, a powerful military, and a mature development focused government. India with its over eight thousand years old civilization, having foundations of universal peace and prosperity,  provides exceptional stability to the region. India is now ready to play its global role.

India’s unique importance will not be missed by America that is busy rebuilding its own house, by Europe that is grappling with its problems following Brexit, or by UK which has to find good trading partners, and by world as a whole facing the onslaught of Islamic terror.

PM Modi’ strategic maneuvers with Vietnam have made China come calling for support for its South China Sea stance. This comes after it blocked India’s bid for NSG membership and India’s demand for declaring Hafeez Saeed a wanted terrorist. China will surely have to weigh its Pakistan commitments.

Russia already has good relations with India and is looking to build its partnership further.

There are signs that the convergence of foreign interests, which propped up Pakistan so far, is ending. Pakistan has to find an identity to exist as a nation that is consistent with its people’s welfare and culture. Without these, it has an extremely unstable existence and an uncertain future. We don’t know if enough number of Pakistanis realize what is at stake -it is not Kashmir or India because there is no way a resurgent India will allow what Pakistan wants -is much bigger and much more important for their own well being.

Given the above picture, it is quite likely that in Delhi and in World Capitals, Pakistan’s endgame is being discussed -securing its nuclear arsenal must be the most important goal of this endgame. India has a huge stake in Pakistan -whether united or its remnants.

It remains to be seen how India deals the developing situation: as an opportunity to solve the Pakistan problem or to make it worse for itself. We hope that the Narendra Modi Government will do the right thing.


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