The only political solution in Kashmir

What troubles NC, Congress, and Communists is the loss of power. This is their problem all over India. In J & K, they get active support from Pakistan. There lies the rub.

(This article written by me was first published on here on August 25, 2016 )

Our security forces continue their grim battles against Pakistan supported separatist stone throwers in some parts of Kashmir. They aren’t just battling the violent mobs. They are battling our politicians from Congress, NC and other parties whose main concern seems to be the use of pellet guns. These politicians are unmoved by large number of deaths of our security men.

Senior politicians like Omar Abdullah have no answer to the question how should security forces deal with stone throwing mobs -they don’t want guns, they don’t want pellet guns. They seem to say -do away with security forces, except of course their personal security cover.

Ever since the all party meeting on Kashmir, the air is thick with the talk of political solution to Kashmir. Omar Abdullah wants it. The Kashmir Congress Chief G A Mir wants it. CPM also wants it.

Even the venerable Supreme Court has advised a ‘political solution’.

But what is the political solution to the Kashmir issue?

No one has suggested any formulation of a potential political solution. And since our main stream media don’t ask tough questions to anyone who is opposed to Modi Government, we can only guess what they mean by a political solution.


To the above opposition parties: A ‘political solution’ might mean any combination of the following:

1. Remove army. Let police handle local law and order. It is easier to browbeat police to let terrorists and criminals escape.

2. No pellet guns. No normal guns. Use lathis to deflect stones being hurled at you. AK 47’s and bombs are the prerogative of the terrorists only.

3. Kashmir has autonomy under Art 370. That is not enough. Let it secede from India. But Indian State must fund expenses of Kashmir’s ruling dynasties and their fellow politicians.

4. Development promised by Modi and PDP-BJP governments is not what Kashmir people want. They don’t care about education, jobs, and infrastructure. Their main concern is what will happen to their beloved politicians and separatist leaders. Pakistan and China are better for their human rights.

5. Until the above “Dream State” is achieved, ask Mehbooba to resign. Send BJP packing.  Give us the power in Kashmir.

It is interesting to know that the lone voice against this chorus of ‘political solution’ comes from the democratically elected Chief Minister of J & K, Mehbooba Mufti. She said,

“Kashmiris are not stone-pelters: 95% people are innocent but suffer due to selfish 5%” (source ) she then appealed to the center to take care of the 95% who love peace and harmony.

It is good that the PDP’s partner BJP is letting Mehbooba do the talking.

There lies the rub. What troubles NC, Congress, and Communists is the loss of power. This is their problem all over India. In J & K, they get active support from Pakistan.

They can’t countenance a democratically elected government cooperating with center for development and for eliminating terrorists like Burhan Wani.  Their masters won’t allow it.

What does one make of PM Modi receiving a memorandum from Abdullah and others? He said, ” All political parties should come together to find a solution” (source ) He has also said that ‘doors are open for dialogue…and for solution within the framework of the Constitution”

Now any solution must be via the State Government of J & K as per the constitution. The PM seems to be telling “let’s talk (you talk) but I am going to go by the Constitution. So should you. Let a democratically elected State Government do its job. Go back to your barracks”

In the meanwhile, note that the CPRF has submitted to J&K HC that alterative to pellet guns will be worse (real guns) ”

“Pellet guns were introduced in 2010 as an accepted weapon of riot control,” it said, “In case this [pellet shotgun] is withdrawn, the CRPF would have no recourse in extreme situations but to open fire with rifles, which may cause more fatalities.”  (source)


The Center and the State Governments have a lot to do -arrest the spiral of violence, let law rule and to strengthen security operations substantially for prevention, detection, and elimination of trouble makers. As the PM himself told the J & K delegation, “development alone can’t solve all problems” (Read )

The Center and the State Governments also need to send a convincing message that no power can cause any further partition of India and that the might of Indian people and State will come down heavily on those who support such antinational activities or indulge in them.

For now, let Abdullah and his co-delegates be happy that the PM gave them 75 minutes, received their memorandum, and that he did not mention stone pelting unlike what FM Arun Jaitley did.

The only ‘political solution’ to Kashmir issue is to let the respective governments, which have been formed through political processes of elections, do their jobs.

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