What, Congress is out of money?

Don’t be misled by this Bloomberg article that says that Congress is running out of money.
My reasons for not agreeing with the article’s contention are:
1. The funding for all kinds of dubious agitations -like Jat, Gujjar, Patels, Marathas, Koregaon Bhima , etc. seems to be in tact.
2. The pay checks for journalists and intellectuals continue as before going by media support that Congress gets. Congress with just 44 MPs and a couple of state government doesn’t deserve the kind of media space it gets.
3. Media still projects and allocates space to  Sonia and Rahul Ghandi , the prime accused in National Herald Case , as equal to Narendra Modi.
4. Entire Congress ecosystem of media, hired intellectuals, writers, actors, even some Institutional Heads is working like a well oiled machinery -denigrating Hindus and supporting Break India Forces.
All above can’t happen without money and a system of favors and disfavors. The money in cash or kind may be coming from Vatican Church, Islamic Jihadi or terror support organizations and Communist regimes. Repeated statements by Christian Archbishops and Muslim Clergy for defeating BJP or NDA lend credence to the sources of Congress funding mentioned above.
It is possible that some party functionaries don’t get funds. But Congress’ new business model doesn’t now depend on a traditional party apparatus. Its political  jobs are done by a small coterie around the Ghandis and other jobs are left to its ecosystem which gets funded through its system of favors and disfavors. And for election booths it has its basti-wise goons. That is the reason Congress loves paper stuffing ballot boxes and hates EVMs.
The Congress is not even the main opposition party – the Bloomberg article claims it to be. Congress is in opposition just like other regional parties like SP, BSP, TMC, TDP, Shiva Sena, JDS, JDU, RJD.  This is underscored by the fact that it had to scramble to prop up a JDS headed Government in Karnataka.
The article quotes Congress and BJP figures selectively without giving details of what happened during  scam accused Sonia rule and before that.
Bloomberg’s sympathies  for a ‘Modi toppling’ Congress are apparent. The article appears  to more for canvassing funds from anti- India sections of the West and for lulling Modi supporters in complacence. Don’t get taken in by it.

ठाण्याची गाडी

आता ठाण्याला जाणाऱ्या गाडीत विशेष काय, असं विचाराल, तर काहीच नाही। प्रगतीने खंडाळा सोडलं आणि मी दारात जाऊन उभा राहिलो । तपकिरी पिवळे डोंगर, उघडा बोडका कातळ, त्यावर मध्येच मोठाल्या गोवऱ्या थापल्या आहेत अशी माती , तर अधून मधून आम्ही अजून टिकून आहोत असं सांगणारी झाडी । हा देखावा जुनी हिंदी गाणी किंवा मराठी भावगीते मनात गुंजू लागतील असा नक्कीच नव्हता।

पण का कुणास ठाऊक त्या उन्हात होरपळून गेलेल्या आणि पावसाची वाट पाहणाऱ्या डोंगरांत मी हरवून गेलो । डोंगरवाटा मला खुणावत होत्या – वर चढायला, धावायला, धापा टाकायला । मला तो अलीकडचा कात्रज सिंहगड ट्रेक आठवला ।

पुढच्या क्षणी मी गाडीच्या फुटबोर्डवर मित्रांबरोबर दाटीवाटीने बसलो होतो । ठाण्याहून मध्यरात्री नंतर निघणारी दुसरी पॅसेंजर । कर्जत येईपर्यंत मुक्काम फुटबोर्डवर। मकडोवेल नंबर 1 किंवा aristocrat सारखी स्वस्त आणि बेकार व्हिस्की किंवा ओल्ड मॉंक सारखी स्वस्त आणि मस्त रम बाटली सरळ तोंडाला , बरोबर फरसाण । कर्जतला उतरून माथेरान नाहीतर भीमाशंकर।

पुण्याला आलोच तर राजगड तोरणा नाहीतर सायकलने महाबळेश्वर , असे उद्योग ।

कर्जत आलं ते कळलंच नाही । डोंगर संपले, स्वप्न तात्पुरतं संपलं।