Things we worship: Uber and such cool stuff

Those who worship the traditional gods are looked down upon as old fashioned, backward, and even bigoted. But we don’t notice the new age gods. They are: the rich, the famous, the beautiful, the big, and the powerful, and the popular. New age people’s places of worship are big and global corporations, big and global NGOs, runaway successes…

The ban on Uber in Delhi invited angry reactions from the new age worshipers. Your laws weren’t properly framed they said. Will you ban Indian Railways if such things were to happen on trains, they asked. Some said it is better not have have regulations if they come in way of such cool stuff like Uber. Never mind, that in the first place Uber promised such a moon that everyone fell for it.

Uber’, a virtual taxi service, is valued at US $ 40 Bn. Naturally it has to be cool and worthy of our worship. So we must defend any ‘attacks’ on it.

But this post is about all things we worship. Since worship is always done unquestioningly, we must ask questions.

I have a basic question: Must everything grow for ever?

If cells in our body start growing unchecked they cause tumor and soon turn malignant. Should corporations and economies be exception to this need that everything must have natural limiting forces? Can they be exceptions? I think limiting factors to growth of businesses are not just market size, capital, and technology, but they also must be coming from need to ensure social good.

If you can’t ‘scale up’ because you can’t find good drivers quickly enough, you must not scale up. If you think, police certificates are not reliable or quickly available, you must not scale up. Police checks were not designed for your cool age. They will be eventually, so you must wait for Police to work. No body except your greedy investors are forcing you to scale up.Your being high tech, savvy, innovative, and cool is not a substitute for taking responsibility of your actions. We aren’t taught to do shop lifting just because no body was looking. Lack of laws or loopholes don’t justify bad ethics.

Don’t grow if you can’t do it properly. Don’t crib if the society seeks to curb your irresponsible behavior.

What is true of Uber, is also true about the big pharma companies(drug trials take too long), and among other things, about privately owned drones. A drone nearly caused an aircraft crash recently. Don’t expect us to stand up to applaud when you are putting us in danger.

Time for us, the ordinary folks, to examine things we worship.