Lead to Regenerate Program Book

Concepts, exercises, and real life examples

A self study course on leadership

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To progress in your career, you need to learn new skills for the next level.

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The “Lead to Regenerate” is the first of its kind book on leadership. Amid a huge number of leadership books that rely on flavor of the season jargon and case studies, this books stands out for its experiential, practice, and action based approach. 

About the book

This Program Book offers a self-paced and a self-learning leadership program based on the powerful ‘Regenerative Leadership’ framework. The workbook features selected workouts from ‘Learning Leadership’ website. The learning takes place through workouts. Examples next to each workout help in understanding the workout better. Every workout results in personal actions. By the end of the program, a leader will have his or her own agenda. A before and after (taking actions) baseline comparison helps self assessment of the improvement in leadership skills.

Accomplished business leaders and leadership experts have reviewed the book and have words of praise for it. Read..

The ‘Regenerative Leadership’ framework, on which this workbook is based, incorporates underlying principles of many well known leadership theories, concepts, and tools. Read about them..

The ‘Lead to Regenerate’ workbook covers emotional, operation, and strategy areas.

Who will benefit from this workbook?

The workbook  is suitable for leaders at all levels -CEOs, business heads, intrapreneurs, functional or operational heads, departmental heads, middle level managers, group or team leaders, and experts (specialists who don’t have formal leadership roles). Entrepreneurs, business owners, and those working in social organizations will find this workbook valuable. This book is also suitable for students and executives who wish prepare for any of the above leaders.

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