Shaming India by Outrage Industry

The Outrage Industry has a business model of using  incidents or crime, real or fake, to spin lies to shame Hindus and break Hindustan that is Bharat that is India . Every real or fake crime against Muslims or Christians is used to shame India, while rapes and murders of Hindus and pedophilia by Christian priests and rapes by Muslim clergy get passing mention in main stream media.

The unfortunate and a wholly condemnable crime against a child, Asifa, in Kathua is another case which the Outrage Industry funded by Congress and religious bodies outside India have used to drag Hindus and their temple in it. Reports say that the villagers of Kathua are angry that there temple has been falsely mentioned in the ‘story’ spun by the above Industry.

Latest report says that the accused have pleaded not guilty and have demanded a narco test. Normally it is prosecution that asks for narco test to be done on the accused. So this unusual development is noteworthy.

By the time the truth comes out, the Outrage Industry will have spun another web of lies.

The real issues are:

  1. Police and Judiciary fail just too often to do their basic jobs. This has nothing to do with the nature of crime -rape, murder, or terror.
  2. The selective outrage as mentioned above.
  3. How Hindus and those who consider this land and its heritage of millennia (It is essentially a Hindu or Vedic or Sanatana Dharmic heritage at the core with the migrants and those sought  asylum from persecution in their lands getting integrated here without having to let go of their methods of worship ) respond to the threats.

Fifty Shades of Feminism?

A nice article, because it is a whiff of fresh air.…/why-i-no-longer-identify-as-a-f…/ .

Yet, if you are confused at the end about what is what, don’t blame me.

By the way: Are educated Hindus carrying the burden of White People’s Christian Guilt when we have our own problems to solve?

To the Outraging Fringe on Alwar Killing

To the outraging of fringe over alleged killing by a ‘gaurakshaks’ in Alwar I say:

1) Since police have arrested the ‘alleged suspects’ and investigating the episode wait for the police to complete their work and file charge sheet. You will know the truth – it may be nothing do with cows, personal rivalry or any such things. Even if it is, the accused will get punished.

2) If you argue that ‘oh police and courts take too long and don’t do a good job’, please protest and demand thorough reform of judiciary and legal profession and policing (surveillance, prevention, detection, and prosecution ). Almost every major crime -be it murder, rape, or rioting ) happens because of poor policing and a glacial and gamed judiciary. It takes decades to convict ( if at all) and then convicts like Lalu roam free. If you are not demanding this you are a hypocrite.

3) If you are unwilling to do 1 or 2 above, accept the above crime as an expression of anger of some elements of Hindus due to being at the receiving end of your communal politics which has caused restrictions on Hindu traditions, exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, killing of RSS and BJP workers, Islamization of parts of Bengal, Kerala, and UP, glorification of Muslim terrorists and stone pelters who help terrorists. All this has been coming on top of centuries of genocide of Hindus by Muslim rulers, destruction of thousands of temples, and forcible conversions and rapes of Hindu women by Muslim rulers. Since you justify terror and Muslim mob’s violence on the basis of some historical wrongs, you should have no problem in this 3 rd option. This perfectly fits in with your model of thinking.

Cow protection is here to stay. It is part of the ethos of this civilization. A huge majority reveres cows. That’s why it is one the directive principles of our Constitution and almost every state has laws for cow protection -enacted when even the Hindu hater Congress was in power. Learn to respect what the majority reveres whatever may be your individual opinion. It also respects Bhagwan Ram and Krisha. That’s the simple fact of life.

For records, I and ( I think almost every Hindu) do not support killings whatever may be the provocation. The crime must be investigated for its motives and culprits must be punished. But I am very keen to see the existing convicts to serve their sentences. There must be first cum first serve for this also. Right?

If you refuse to accept any of the above. keep shouting. Majority of of this country doesn’t read or watch your partisan outrages. They have a good measure of you. They don’t speak except through the ballot.

You will continue to lose elections and stay as a fringe of India.

Modi continues to confound Left and Right

Those who called Modi a mascot of Right Wing Hindu Fringe had to eat crow in 2014 because of his massive victory. Fringe doesn’t get absolute majority and over 31% vote share. No one calls him that anymore. Soon after he took over, he launched the massive J.A.M. (Jan Dhan Aadhar Mobile)  initiative for direct inclusion of the common and poor people in government’s subsidy, support, development programs. As of March 9, 2016 there are over 21 Crore Jan Dhan accounts with over Rs 34,200 Crore balance and accounts with zero balance were under just 29% . More than a third of these accounts are linked through Aadhar (source:  Wikipedia ) Modi continued with MNREGA.  The Left chose to ignore this massive grassroots welfare thrust and the Right said that Modi has no vision and that he was continuing where the Congress left. The Left decided to play up ‘intolerance’ and ‘divisiveness’

The ‘great’ Arun Shourie famously snarled that ‘NDA is nothing but Congress plus Cow’

Take this year’s budget. Massive hikes in allocations for rural and farm sectors, rural connectivity, and MNREGA, and affordable housing on one hand, and extra 10% dividend tax for those getting more than Rs 10 Lakh dividend (Tata, Ambani’s and Adani and some others less famous will pay more), refusal to remove retrospective taxation from the books on other hand, have confounded both the Right Wing and Left Wing. Modi Sarkar has gone a step further by getting the  Aadhar Law passed for enabling direct transfer of a wide ranging subsidies. Supreme Court had restricted Aadhar due to lack of legislative sanction.

The Rahul Gandhi, Congress, Commies and other on the Left have have to eat crow again for calling Modi  Right Wing leader and his government a Suit-Boot ki Sarkar. Even the Communist leaders, when asked, mutter “nothing in the Budget for the corporate sector” . Some people on the Right continued to sulk because they did not find ‘big bang reforms’ of their type.

Congress has two reactions: A) The Budget Copies Congress Ideas  B) The Budget Lacks Vision! This eloquently showcases Congress’ intellectual prowess!

India doesn’t have real Right Wingers. Those who oppose the Left on any subject automatically become Right Wingers, Reactionaries, Bigots, Fascists, or Fanatics.  There are some who insist on calling themselves Right Wing because they oppose MNREGA, other subsidies, and they insist on privatization. They also follow Harvard and Forbes economic prescriptions. They prefer MNCs more than Desi corporations. They favor Desi Corporations more than MSME companies. And they favor any business over consumers.  But even they aren’t in favor of markets deciding everything.

The X Factor

But we, at least most of us, are neither Left Wingers nor Right Wingers. So far we have been stuck between these two fringes. What does the PM Modi mean for us?

We have to take into account that there is this huge X factor, called PM Modi. Why?  When you were not reading TOI \ IE\ Hindu made-to-order headlines and when you were not watching scripted histrionics  of TV anchors,  did you notice that the previous summer went without so much of load shedding? Now our Power Minister tells us that there is enough power in the grid to meet demand from any state.  Have you noticed that railways have shown improvements in cleanliness and ticketing (Oh their web site actually responds in real time!)? Have you noticed that pace of highway construction has accelerated from 11 km to 16 kms a day? (target 30!) Do you know that rural electrification is ahead of its targets? Aren’t you getting LPG refills just by a phone call? Aren’t you getting IT refunds faster? Even the eternally sick Air India is likely to make cash profits by next year.

Both the Left and the Right have missed these ‘small’ improvements like revival of Coal India, Railways, NHAI, Oil Marketing Companies and Income Tax Department-all in Public Sector or in Government sector.  You know why. The track record of the Left suggests that it is just not interested in any improvements. It’s agenda is to create unrest somehow and exploit it. The Right ideologically opposes any government involvement and the public sector.

The Right has been saying that ‘ease of doing business’ is just a slogan and has been asking questions like ‘show me the GST?’ and  ‘How about withdrawal of retrospective taxation?’  Consider this. There is a lawyer with a major law firm who writes, “The Finance Bill, 2016, ushers in an unparalleled effort to simplify and rationalize some of the cumbersome requirements in the existing direct tax regime. The thrust of these changes has been to provide relief to small taxpayers and to reduce tax disputes.” Lawyers usually issue disclaimers. But this is an unambiguous message. Full text is here

The hardworking Modi and his cabinet is the X factor that confounds the Left and the Right. Here is what we can expect under Modi Sarkar.

  1. Better irrigation, rural and national road connectivity, rural electrification, crop insurance, 1000’s of fertilizer retail outlets with soil testing facilities and national agricultural market platform will result in higher agricultural growth and farmer income on which still majority of us depend
  2. Ease of doing business, Start up India, and special scheme for SC \ ST entrepreneurs will create more jobs. The idea is not to depend on just big manufacturing. Skill training boost will help these.
  3. Continued thrust on Make in India will increase jobs and increase economic activity leading to multiplier effects
  4. Pace of black money detection and recovery will increase. See my article

There are many other initiatives to support above, but these are too many to list here. During the  Congress regime the massive allocations mentioned above would be bad news because it would have meant more money in pockets of netas and middlemen. The X factor crosses that out.

Making the Government and Public Sector Work

Modi Sarkar still has a lot do. But PM Modi has shown that the government machinery and Public Sector behemoths can be made to work better and faster. States have more financial space and and a supportive working Central Government with many outstanding schemes. State Governments are even more crucial now.

If you keep looking for only  big ticket privatization, tax benefits, and high profile arrests and raids, you will continue to miss the massive transformation underway. The Right has been missing this.  PM Modi has gone ahead and launched massive grassroots transformation.  Update: UPI based person to person mobile payment system that is bank-agnostic has been launched by National Payments Corporation (NPCI) . This will do to all money transfers what Aadhar is doing to subsidies.

RBI Governor Rajan recently said “India is on a cusp of a revolution”  (end of update)

Both the Left and the Right have missed these real changes.

Neither the Left, nor the Right have worked out a framework that our Bharat needs. Both have copied their ideologies from the West. Karl Marx, like Adam Smith, was a Westerner.

As PM Modi shapes Bharat’s progress, the Left and the Right Imports from the West are moving to fringes.

Let us Elect State Governments Wisely

But why should we care about the Left or the Right? For the first time since independence, we have a government which doesn’t follow anything blindly.  It takes time to work things out. This government may make mistakes. But its intent is right. It is competent too.  Let us now elect our state governments wisely.

PM Modi’s game plan

PM Modi

PM Modi

There is no doubt that PM Modi has captured imagination of Indians and the global citizens alike. His sworn critics can’t go to bed without having done their daily constitutional of ‘Hate Modi’ activities. His approval ratings continue to be very high despite their campaign.  However, what we read in media confuses us. Therefore, I decided to take a good look at what is happening and what we can expect from Modi Sarkar.

Before I start, I set down my expectations of directional shifts from Modi Sarkar:

My expectations of directional shifts by 2019

  1. Major increase in jobs or livelihood earning opportunities
  2. Country’s external and internal security on a very strong footing
  3. Rule of law felt by all. The mighty should be scared of taking law in their hands and the ordinary people should feel reassured by law
  4. Overhaul of agriculture sector for benefit of 50% of population and for reducing urbanization pressure
  5. Major improvements in mass transportation -intracity and intercity
  6. Cleaner air, water and a better ecological balance
  7. Right to information to be expanded to include right to fair and accurate coverage of news by media
  8. Congress Mukta Bharat: Elimination of Congress Culture** (divisive culture)

It is easier to read and print this  long form article as pdf  file than from a blog format. The full article ‘PM Modi’s game plan’ can be downloaded here:  pm-modis-game-planver1.pdf    (3786 words) Here is what you can expect.

Contents of the full article:

Signs of good progress and paradigm shifts

Things which haven’t progressed well

Likely scenario of 2019

What might be PM Modi’s game plan?

Hemant Karandikar

About the author:

Hemant is an IIT Bombay Alumnus. He is Leadership Coach, Strategy, UI\UX Design Consultant. Hemant is interested in economy, politics, culture, & technology. He has written ‘Lead to Regenerate’ – program book for learning regenerative leadership. He writes on these subjects on his blogs and  He is a long distance runner. Follow him on twitter

Why I am a proud Hindu

I had meant to put this down for quite a while.

I consider myself very very fortunate to be born to my parents. Both my father (Dada) and my mother (Aai) never never forced me to do anything. This meant that I was exempted from visiting temples (boring places to me), performing religious rituals (meaningless to me) and such things. One exception to this was when Aai used to make me come home for studies. The other exception was when I was required go through the rigmarole of my own munj (thread ceremony) when I was eight. I cried and cried through the rituals, eyes burning by the holy smoke. But I suspect, that must have been under pressure of my grand parents , uncles, and aunts. I say this because Aai prevailed upon the both the clans and avoided shaving off my hair ( a must according to  the rituals). The reason: I had curly curly hair which she simply adored and could not bear even thought of shaving them!

My parents had consented to my decision for a purely civil marriage but others who had a say had different ideas and the smoke of havans was there again.

My parents were themselves very religious yet I had all this freedom.  I grew up in a Middle Class Maharashtrian  Brahmin household that followed religious practices but I was exempted from the rituals to the extent possible. I have never in my life felt religious about this god or that god and I have never visited a temple for the purpose of worship. I may have accompanied others and may have done what was ‘required’ in that place, but that was all.

I have at times told my friends that I wish to understand how people feel emotional about Gods & temples and how they become sentimental enough to endure the dirt and the chaos that characterize many of Hindu temples. Really what makes them do it?

I have, at times of distress, prayed to the god for deliverance but in general I never liked the idea of asking for something from the god.

I think ‘Live and let live’ was one of my beliefs then and is so even now. may be simple and simplistic, but so be it. I thought that I was a liberal, I think I am now. My parents were liberal despite being religious.

So, I never was religious and I am not one now.  I went to RSS during my school days. The ‘liberals’ might say there you go! But never, either at home or at the RSS I recall being told to follow religious practices and \or to hate other religions. Hate and exclusion were never part of growing up being a Brahmin or participating in RSS activities.

I was non-religious then, I am non-religious now. Yet I am proud of being a Hindu precisely for the above reasons. There are many more reasons -about them, later.