Shaming India by Outrage Industry

The Outrage Industry has a business model of using  incidents or crime, real or fake, to spin lies to shame Hindus and break Hindustan that is Bharat that is India . Every real or fake crime against Muslims or Christians is used to shame India, while rapes and murders of Hindus and pedophilia by Christian priests and rapes by Muslim clergy get passing mention in main stream media.

The unfortunate and a wholly condemnable crime against a child, Asifa, in Kathua is another case which the Outrage Industry funded by Congress and religious bodies outside India have used to drag Hindus and their temple in it. Reports say that the villagers of Kathua are angry that there temple has been falsely mentioned in the ‘story’ spun by the above Industry.

Latest report says that the accused have pleaded not guilty and have demanded a narco test. Normally it is prosecution that asks for narco test to be done on the accused. So this unusual development is noteworthy.

By the time the truth comes out, the Outrage Industry will have spun another web of lies.

The real issues are:

  1. Police and Judiciary fail just too often to do their basic jobs. This has nothing to do with the nature of crime -rape, murder, or terror.
  2. The selective outrage as mentioned above.
  3. How Hindus and those who consider this land and its heritage of millennia (It is essentially a Hindu or Vedic or Sanatana Dharmic heritage at the core with the migrants and those sought  asylum from persecution in their lands getting integrated here without having to let go of their methods of worship ) respond to the threats.

To the Outraging Fringe on Alwar Killing

To the outraging of fringe over alleged killing by a ‘gaurakshaks’ in Alwar I say:

1) Since police have arrested the ‘alleged suspects’ and investigating the episode wait for the police to complete their work and file charge sheet. You will know the truth – it may be nothing do with cows, personal rivalry or any such things. Even if it is, the accused will get punished.

2) If you argue that ‘oh police and courts take too long and don’t do a good job’, please protest and demand thorough reform of judiciary and legal profession and policing (surveillance, prevention, detection, and prosecution ). Almost every major crime -be it murder, rape, or rioting ) happens because of poor policing and a glacial and gamed judiciary. It takes decades to convict ( if at all) and then convicts like Lalu roam free. If you are not demanding this you are a hypocrite.

3) If you are unwilling to do 1 or 2 above, accept the above crime as an expression of anger of some elements of Hindus due to being at the receiving end of your communal politics which has caused restrictions on Hindu traditions, exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, killing of RSS and BJP workers, Islamization of parts of Bengal, Kerala, and UP, glorification of Muslim terrorists and stone pelters who help terrorists. All this has been coming on top of centuries of genocide of Hindus by Muslim rulers, destruction of thousands of temples, and forcible conversions and rapes of Hindu women by Muslim rulers. Since you justify terror and Muslim mob’s violence on the basis of some historical wrongs, you should have no problem in this 3 rd option. This perfectly fits in with your model of thinking.

Cow protection is here to stay. It is part of the ethos of this civilization. A huge majority reveres cows. That’s why it is one the directive principles of our Constitution and almost every state has laws for cow protection -enacted when even the Hindu hater Congress was in power. Learn to respect what the majority reveres whatever may be your individual opinion. It also respects Bhagwan Ram and Krisha. That’s the simple fact of life.

For records, I and ( I think almost every Hindu) do not support killings whatever may be the provocation. The crime must be investigated for its motives and culprits must be punished. But I am very keen to see the existing convicts to serve their sentences. There must be first cum first serve for this also. Right?

If you refuse to accept any of the above. keep shouting. Majority of of this country doesn’t read or watch your partisan outrages. They have a good measure of you. They don’t speak except through the ballot.

You will continue to lose elections and stay as a fringe of India.

‘Dangal’ in SP’s Yadav Family, Triple Talaq, and BJP in UP

The Dangal in Mulayam Singh’s Yadav clan and Samajwadi Party and Tata’s tussle with Cyrus Mistry have pushed everything else in the background. The US Presidential race between Trump and Hillary is in its decisive phase. The post ‘surgical strikes’ situation at LOC remains tense. BSF recently countered Pakistan’s transgression. The ISI spy ring involving Pakistan High Commission’s staffer has been busted. All these and equally important issues like Triple Talaq have been pushed into the background.

If newspaper headlines and news channels’ tickers reflected public mood or political realities, we would not have had Narendra Modi led BJP and NDA sweeping the 2014 polls. Had the criticism of PM Modi’s Pakistan policy in media been founded on facts and logic, the surgical strikes would not have happened. The financial meltdown of 2008 and Brexit also would not have happened.

About four months back, UP elections looked to be a difficult challenge for BJP. BJP had swept the Lok Sabha polls in 2014 with UP contributing a lion’s share to the tally. But subsequently, BJP had lost Bihar to the Mahagathabandhan of Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar. It was unable to counter the caste arithmetic and propaganda about reservations. In UP, the BJP couldn’t decide on a CM candidate. The party had been out of power for over a decade. Despite Amit Shah’s undeniable credentials as a great election manager the going seemed to be tough for BJP.  Read

In June, this author had argued that BJP needs to play to its strengths and not weaknesses like caste arithmetic. He had summed up the challenge as: “BJP is without an overarching emotive promise which can galvanize this fractured society to come out its nooks and crannies, to come together and vote for it”

Now there is a big shift in public mood.

The surgical strikes against Pakistan have resonated with people throughout the country cutting across sub identities like caste, language and religion. The Modi government and India’s brave Army fulfilled the fervent wish of every Indian ( Read ) and the nation gave an overwhelming approval to the government and the army (Read )

The Congress led opposition soon realized this and started doubting the ‘surgical strikes’ themselves. When this backfired, Congress claimed that surgical strikes had happened during the UPA regime too.  When this too didn’t impress people, it started telling PM Modi and BJP ‘not take political advantage of army’s success’.  These are sure signs that Congress and opposition have realized that they have lost credibility and considerable public support.

The Triple Talaq issue is now unraveling. The Modi government came out convincingly against continuation of this regressive practice under the pretext of religious freedom. PM Modi said “Can’t allow lives of Muslim women to be ruined by triple talaq” (read ).  He also said that this is not a Hindu-Muslim issue.  His government has framed this issue in terms of ‘compatibility with India’s constitution and gender justice’.

So far, the Samajwadi Party had assumed that Muslim votes would accrue in its account. The Mulayam-Akhilesh feud has left Akhilesh government doddering. Its election prospects now look much worse than before -whether the patch up happens or not. It is difficult to see how even its ‘own Yadavs’, leave alone Muslims, will feel assured enough to vote for it.

Mayawati’s BSP was ascending earlier. But BSP has been plagued by large scale attrition of senior leaders -some no doubt disgruntled by larger allocation to Muslim candidates.

The triple talaq issue is bound to make some Muslims think again. Those who are with Mullahs and Maulvis will remain opposed to the BJP. Out of the 18% share of Muslims in UP, 9% will be women. Even if half of them and some men rethink, we are talking about a probable swing of 4 to 5% away from parties which don’t oppose Triple Talaq.  Mayawati has told the Modi Government to leave Muslims alone -in other words let Muslim women suffer until the Mullahs see light. Her ‘target constituency of young Muslims’ are not going to be very convinced about her stand.  Her idea of attracting Brahmins is also going to be difficult. The Samajwadi Party is not in a position to take a stand on the issue and it may default to support for continuation of Triple Talaq. Congress is an insignificant player in UP. It is still hedging the issue. It would like to get Muslim votes, but it also is in a race to get Brahmin votes. This hedging is not going to make it more popular.

Coming on the back of surgical strikes, Modi government’s stand on Triple Talaq must have further cemented BJP’s core support base. In a multi-cornered election a 4 to 5 % swing of votes and consolidation of broad support bases will be decisive factors.

PM Modi has led the charge for BJP on Triple Talaq. His hugely popular Pakistan policy and credible development appeal are big strengths for the BJP.  The opposition parties, which so far relied on caste and religion vote banks, will find it tough to face the BJP.  It is for BJP to take advantage of confusion in the ranks of opposition parties and surge ahead.


Image Credits: ANI News

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War for Congress Mukta Bharat

An edited version of this article written by Hemant Karandikar was published on on 3 rd May 2016 here

The original unabridged version is below.

With Sonia Gandhi’s involvement in Augusta Westland scam being affirmed by Italian Appeals Court in its judgment, those who voted for Congress Mukta Bharat are happier. But achieving Congress Mukta Bharat will need a long war consisting of many such battles.

Modi Sarkar is doing an excellent job on economic and security fronts. PM Modi has said on several occasions that his government is working to a plan. This  plan is now unfolding at increased speed ( Read this) If elections are won purely on development work Modi Government is doing quite well and is well on its way to win another term -except that it is not all that simple.

War in pause mode?

Until August Westland expose happened Congress was calling shots inside and outside Parliament. Its eco-system of parties (like AAP and CPI) , most of the main stream media, and even institutions is still intact. Congress has been occupying disproportionate share of public discourse diverting attention from national prior rites and creating fresh obstacles for the Modi Government. A somnolent BJP (see this article) wasn’t helping matters.

Through incidents like stray cases of Church attacks, a Muslim not getting rented accommodation, A Muslim Techie’s murder, Dadri lynching, FTII strike, Rohit Vemulla’s suicide, Kanhaiya Kumar and Khaid Umar’s anti-India rants, Congress has been attacking Modi Government relentlessly. It fell upon the some of the nationalist Indians to join the battle through social media. They repelled every attack, exposed lies and put out factual details in every case. They exposed ’eminent’ journalists for what they really have been.

The War for Congress Mukta Bharat seemed to be in ‘paused’ mode  Those who wanted major change were restive.

A battle won

But the Augusta Westland bribery judgment by Italian Appeals Court gave another opportunity. BJP grabbed this with both hands. It brought Subramanyam Swami In Rajyasabha. The BJP is setting agenda of discussions in Parliament -notices for discussion and privilege motions are coming from BJP.  Sonia Gandhi and Congress are defensive for the first time in last two years. Sonia is so much on the defensive that even Sharad Pawar, her erstwhile adversary, had to be pressed in service to say that ‘BJP leaders informally admit that there is no evidence against Sonia”  ( Read )

A large number of Indians believe that the trails of corruption -in cases like Coalgate, 2 G scam, Augusta Westland and of course National Herald -lead to the door steps of top Congress Leaders.  Ishrat Jahan cover up case has added to their anger towards Sonia Gandhi who controlled the UPA government. Their wish is for thorough investigation of all corruption and terror support cases and punishing the guilty. This seems to a real possibility now.

The Congress is on back foot. The battle for perception  has gone in favor of BJP in this round.

But is the war for Congress Mukta Bharat being won? Let’s look ahead.

A war can’t be won without media cover

Even if Sonia Gandhi is convicted, conviction does automatically ensure that Congress or Sonia will be defeated electorally. Fodder scam convict Lalu could win Bihar elections. This should be a sobering thought. This is an unfortunate feature of Indian polity and its first-past-the-post electoral system which make national voting share meaningless unless the election is held under extraordinary conditions -like in 1977 (post emergency), 1984 (post Indira Gandhi’s assassination) and 2014 (hopelessness that had gripped India after UPA misrule and the anger caused by it)

Sonia and her battery of lawyers, think tanks, ‘friendly’ politicians and pliable journalists will do everything to distract attention from various scams and their involvement in them.

Even the re-galvanized BJP is no match to the Congress and Left eco-system’s masterful art of communication -they use insinuations, outright lies, mudslinging, and intellectual sophistry to great effect. With almost entire main stream media ranged against it BJP will find it difficult to sustain its aggression. When you are in government you are vulnerable to attacks based on all kinds of real or imaginary issues.

There are limitations to what a government can do.  It cannot make allegations. But a government can use its machinery to thoroughly and swiftly investigate wrong doings. Hopefully Modi Sarkar will do this. Many still have doubts about Finance Minsitry’s capabilities, if not its inclination.

As a party BJP can do what its governments can’t do. It can and should continue to charge Congress leaders with scams and bad policies based on reasonably verified facts. This can’t be just an election time exercise. BJP needs a massive media reach for setting agenda. Social media cannot match the reach of mass media in a country like India. India has smartphone user base of 220 Mn as per this report. Only 22 Mn people were use twitter as per an estimate.  About 132 Million Indians use facebook according to Marc Zuckerberg as reported here. However, twitter is a better indicator of use of social media for news and political opinions. Facebook and whatsapp groups do disseminate political content but it is limited. We can infer that political impact of social media can reach at the most single digit Crore of people. India’s recorded voter base in 2014 elections was 83.4 Crore Thus under 10% of voters can be influenced through social media.

Not having alternative media which can report facts with reasonable impartiality is a major hurdle in winning war for Congress Mukta Bharat. The new media will need content to both take on the leftist and alien agenda driven content. It will also need content to set genuine India centric reforms and agenda for future in all walks of public life -economy, social sectors, academics and sciences. Cooperation among nationalist think tanks and non-government organizations will have to be built. We don’t see anything substantial happening in this area.

Institutions -many weak zones

The government can purge the institutions of Congress sycophants and the Communists. This has not happened properly. For example, Modi Government made a hash of changes in FTII and Censor Board.

Institutions like police, investigative agencies, and judiciary present another hurdle in the war for Congress Mukta Bharat. They have inefficient, feudal, and often gamed (in favor of criminals or political benefactors) workings.  Judiciary is stonewalling every attempt towards reform and accountability.  This is outside Government’s powers. But improving policing, surveillance, prevention, and detection of crime and building convincing cases against criminals surely fall in government’s ambit. Over 3 Crore pending court cases, lakhs of under trial prisoners, poor conviction rates, postponements, stays and bails letting even convicts roaming free, and no fear of law is a true Congress legacy. Can our war be won without thoroughly overhauling these institutions and solving these problems?

Congress legacies

Our education makes us scorn our rich heritage of our civilization which was head and shoulders above other civilizations just over a thousand years back. The word Hindu has come to be scorned as backward, parochial by educated Hindus. The less educated follow traditions blindly, but they are ultimately influenced by the educated. This British legacy has been nurtured to perfection by Congress and the Leftists.  Education and academic institutions is another huge area needing overhaul for Congress Mukta Bharat. We don’t see many government actions in this crucial area.

We have laws that discriminate against Hindus. Our laws allow governments to meddle with Hindu temples and religious trusts. Our laws prohibit any interference in Islamic or Christian organizations under pretext of protecting minorities.  Recently the Supreme Court refused to give justice to a Shayara Bano, Muslim woman in her complaint about triple talaq.  In 1985 SC had granted alimony to Shah Bano but Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress government nullified it by changing the law itself. The Right to Education (RTE) does not apply to minority education institutions while it puts burden of admission to poor students only on non-minority institutions which means Hindu schools and colleges. These laws are true Congress legacies. We don’t see actions by Modi Sarkar on this.

The British encouraged Church and missionaries to undertake conversions on massive scale. Congress inherited this legacy and encouraged with the result that there is no check on this activity. Illegal migration from Bangladesh and higher than average growth in Muslim population is another factor. Both these disturb demographic balance and Hindu civilization core of India. A nationalist government is expected to arrest these trends. But we see no action at all by the BJP governments.

Another British and Congress legacy is the theory that India consists of many ethnic nationalities and India did not exist before the British. This theory is wrong and dangerous for our progress as shown by consequences of partition and creation of Pakistan. Pakistan has been bleeding India through thousand cuts.

Electoral defeats of Congress won’t be enough

Parties like SP, RJD, NCP, TMC which are steeped in Congress culture have filled void created by Congress’ losses.  Therefore, defeating Congress is not enough.

Congress Mukta Bharat will need uprooting the Congress culture -the culture of dividing and fragmenting on the basis of everything religion (partition), caste (reservations), languages (linguistic re-organization of states), ethnicity. The culture designing and perpetuating complicated system of controls, sops, exemptions, and discretionary powers for favoring or punishing. The culture of detesting anything that is Hindu and anything that predates the Muslim and British invaders.

War for Congress Mukta Bharat will need undoing Congress legacies.

Even economic prosperity for all won’t be enough.

The Constitution of India names our nation as ‘India, that is Bharat’ in Article 1(1). Bharat refers to Bharat Varsha existing for millennia and having foundations of its Hindu or Sanatana Dharma based civilization.

The war for Congress Mukta Bharat will have to be won for putting Bharat on firmly on a path towards economic prosperity, well being, and cultural glory.

This is going to be a long war. BJP, RSS, and even Modi Sarkar won’t be enough to win it. The rest of us will have to play our roles.

Arun Shourie’s Interview: A disappointment

Arun Shourie’s interview hit headlines recently probably because it was critical of Modi Sarkar and a Shourie was doing it. The content, unfortunately falls well short of his standards. I must state that  I have been an admirer of Shourie for his incisive and insightful writing e.g. I also must state that I have admired Modi too.   Yet. admiring doesn’t mean not criticizing.

So let me reproduce Shourie’s interview ad verbatim as it appeared in media: link. I have checked the versions of his interview on and on The content seems to match quite well across all these sources. So I assume that it is a fairly accurate version.  I give my comments next to Shourie’s statement. My comments appear in regular type whereas the quoted text appears in italics.

New Delhi: Arun Shourie, a BJP minister in the Vajpayee Cabinet, on Friday hit out at the Narendra Modi government, saying its economic policy was “directionless” while the social climate was causing “great anxiety” among the minorities.

The latter part of his statement is a load of buxxshxt as every incident ‘reported’ as attack on minorities has been subsequently ‘discovered’ to not having any communal element in it. I am amazed that this comes from Arun Shourie!

The 73-year-old journalist-turned politician said the one-year rule of Modi was “good in parts”, his transformation as prime minister was good in foreign policy, but the promised turnaround in economy has not happened. 

I agree about the foreign policy part of the statement.

“The government seems to be more concerned with managing headlines than putting policies in place. The situation is like the many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle lying in a mess with no big picture in mind about how to put them together,” he said in an exclusive interview to an English news channel ahead of the first anniversary of the Modi government.

The fact is that Modi Sarkar’s biggest problem has been the adversarial main stream media. One can easily say that Modi Sarkar hasn’t done anything to bring a certain measure of accountability to media players who really business and political interests.  As I have argued in my post the media scene is worrisome.

Shourie, who is not active in BJP these days, said despite promises the fears of foreign investors on retrospective taxes and incentives for manufacturing have not materialised on the ground.  

He is right here. It is plain that the current FM has done no good to despite his talk in this area.

“They (investors) require stability and predictability,” he said, adding that the concern expressed by eminent banker Deepak Parekh on the situation on the ground should be seen as a “wake up call”. 

With  due respect, I do not agree with Shourie and Parekh on this. Shourie more than anyone else knows that India’s problem has been a slothful government machinery. Modi has kicked it into action, but needs more kicking and overhaul. It takes time.

Asked if the Modi government had done enough to put India on growth path, Shourie said that it was “all hyperbole”. 

“Such claims are meant to grab headlines but lack substance,” he said. Shourie handled the ministries of Disinvestment, Communication and Information Technology in the Vajpayee government.

“Government is talking big on economic matters but nothing is happening on ground. Delivery is missing,” he added.

I don’t agree with such sweeping statements. Government has got cracking on Coal actions. Electricity generation has stabilized -after last several bleak summers we have prospects of a reasonable level of supply stability. It has got cracking on road construction. It has okayed Rajastan’s labour law changes. The list is long. These items don’t make headlines. All is not well. Many things remain. But many initiatives are moving.

 In an apparent reference to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, he said the government lacked a stable approach in dealing with investors and that “lawyerly arguments” would not convince them.

He was also critical of handling of the tax issues which was keeping foreign investors away. “First it alienated them but now it has made them laugh. You come out as bullies.”

I agree with Shourie as far as Jaitley’s minsitry is concerned. Jaitley unfortuntely continues with Chimbaram’s ways -clever but hurting the nation. His continuation as FM is inexplicable.

On the social front, Shourie said there was “great anxiety” among the minorities in the wake of the incidents of attack on Christian institutions and the “Ghar Wapsi” and “Love Jihad” campaigns. 

He was critical of Modi’s “silence” on issues relating to social tensions on account of activities of right wing organisations and statements by some party MPs and leaders.

“You tweet when Sania Mirza wins championship or greet someone on birthdays but you don’t do such things when moral questions are involved. People doubt why he is silent,” he added.

Referring to former IPS officer Julio Ribeiro’s recent anguish that he felt like an “outsider” against the backdrop of attacks on churches, Shourie said when people of such standing make such remarks it means things have gone too far.

“We have to wake up,” he said, adding that people like Ribeiro and former Punjab top cop KPS Gill had saved Punjab for India.

Talking about alienation of Muslim youth in the context of “Love Jihad” and Moradabad violence, Shourie said, “if 100 muslim youth come together and conclude that we are not getting justice here and that ISIS is right then we have a problem at hand”.

As I said above, a completely false picture is created by interested parties and media.  Every report about ‘attack on minorities’ has been subsequently proven wrong. Shourie should read rejoinder to Ribeiro by a fellow Christian and Ribereio’s subsequent explanation that it was an ‘exaggeration’ . Tweets about Sania Mirza by an individual were played up by media. Why should a PM speak on such things? Because he is a Modi?

Replying to questions, Shourie said Modi, Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley were running the party. “It has offended the opposition as well as frightened the members of the BJP,” he said.

“They are the ones responsible for mistakes and they are also the Supreme Court. The three leaders are not getting proper feedback and no corrective action takes place,” he said.

Perhaps Shourie  knows more on the way BJP is run.  If BJP is doing right things , it doesn’t matter. Shourie could have been more specific.

Shourie also invoked the controversial monogrammed pin-striped suit that Modi wore during his interaction with US President Barack Obama earlier this year.
“It was inexplicable, incomprehensible and a big critical mistake,” Shourie said. “I fail to understand why he accepted and then wore that suit. You cannot take Gandhiji’s name and wear such a thing,” he said, adding, it was good that he disposed it off quickly.

I am astounded that Shourie should stoop to the level of suits.  Modi, the ‘culprit’ is known to donate all gifts for public causes. Dear Sir, the talk about suits is best left to Rahul Gandhi.

Shourie rued the delay in filling up top vacancies in key institutions like the CVC, the Central Information Commission and the Election Commission.
“The vacancies are incomprehensible,” he said.

May be Shourie is right. But it is also possible that selection from a pool of highly politicized (and corrupt) bureaucracy  is a challenge?

Shourie disapproved of frequent promulgation of ordinances, calling them “ill advised”. The former Minister also stressed the need for taking the opposition along if the government wanted to push its economic reforms.

“A more embracing attitude is required…There can be no reforms without opposition support,” he added. Shourie also referred to BJP President Amit Shah’s use of the word “uproot” at a rally in West Bengal when he spoke about the need to dislodge the Mamata Banerjee government.

The fact is that Congress is still not reconciled to Modi as PM.  Modi Government did reach out again and again to opposition. Bills were not allowed to be tabled in Rajyasabha. Waiting for the so called consensus would have meant delaying urgent actions on land acquisition, coal auctions etc. Ordinances were absolutely essential.

Speaking about the Modi government’s foreign policy, Shourie said it has correctly regarded that China is the “principal challenge” for the country in thelong run.
But, he said there were “contradictory signals” on Pakistan. “There should be steadier thinking, steadier guage.”

“It is not a good idea that in the fascination for out of box ideas to ignore the institutional memory embedded in the Ministry of External Affairs and outside,” he added.
On India’s ties with the US, Shourie said there is a continuation in the policy.

However, he said there is need for the government to seize on the momentum. “Americans are feeling quite impatient. Impatience has crept in,” he added.
Shourie while giving his assessment of the Prime Minister said,” I like him. He is the only person who can give us leadership.”

Impatience of Americans is less important than that of Indians. Glad that Shourie sees Modi as the only person who can give us leadership. Media predictably did not headline this statement. If Shourie really meant it,  he should ask media why this comment was not highlighted. He will get a lot of cxxp from media -same as they put out when they scream ‘minorities are in danger’.

There is much to criticize Modi Sarkar. There is much to admire too. I am disappointed that Shourie resorted to  unsubstantiated and sweeping criticisms, allowed himself to be convinced of media manufactured ‘minorities in danger stuff’. He perhaps has some other grievance.

Of riots and media

It is illuminating to  learn from this Muslim businessman in Kishwar’s book. His account can be independently crosschecked with information in public domain to eliminate the possibility that he might have been sold out. The same person had become a celebrity for taking on Modi and filing a suit against him in International Court.

He says that people choose to forget that the 2002 riots were the culmination of an endless series of riots. The worst after the partition was in 1969 in Ahmedabad in which over 5000 Muslims were killed under the watch of Congress CM Hitendrabhai Desai. Entire community in his area was wiped out. Leave alone punishment, not a single chargesheet was ever filed against the culprits.

Another major riot 1985 preceded by several smaller riots. This went on for months. Congressman Madhavji Solanki was the CM and Rajeev Gandhi was the PM. Between 1985 and 2002, people had come to expect a riot every two or three months. At one time curfew lasted for 200 days.

During 1987 riots Amarsingh Chaudhary of Congress was the CM. 1990 riots happened when Chimanbhai Patel of Congress was the CM. Under his watch riots took place in 1992 as well.

In his words,  during every riot his workshop was burned down, insurance paid paltry sums and leading bank refused loan because of the M factor. The truth is that all earlier (Congress) governments remained indifferent to Muslims. After each riot Hindus helped Muslims. Hindus are 100% non-communal. Only because Hindus are 100% non communal Muslims continued to prosper in Gujarat. All those riots were politically engineered and the Congress party was the chief culprit.

Kishwar’s book tells the story of this businessman and how he decided to meet Modi in London after the riots of 2002 and confront him and what happened. I recommend that you read his account from the book itself.

He found that Modi was willing to listen and solve all problems. Modi set aside his other appointments in London and spent whatever time was needed with this group of Muslims. He was grilled and lectured on the need to ensure justice for all. Modi listened to all this and patiently explained what really had happened during the riots (Modi was just four months in CM job and had inherited an administration which was highly communalized. Please refer to the spate of riots in Congress Chief Ministers’ tenures and that no was even charged) and why it had happened. Modi showed willingness to do whatever needed to be done for help and for justice. Modi had also said that some accounts of violence were totally wrong. He had all the details.

According to this Muslim businessman, the 2002 riots were brought under control in just three days whereas the riots in all earlier regimes burned for months. (Can you draw parallels with the Muzzafarnagar riots in UP and Assam riots this year which raged for long time one under SP rule and the other under Congress rule? ) Modi had to deal with an administration which was thoroughly communalized. BJP, VHP, and Bajarang Dal had patronized Hindu dons while the Congress had patronized Muslim mafias. These organised criminal syndicates  functioned with impunity due to political patronage.

There are many accounts in this book how Modi helped and ensured protection of whosoever asked for help and how he was always approachable. (His office would call back to fix appointments) You must read them as well. There also are also many accounts of how Congress Chief Ministers of Gujarat and even PM Narasimha Rao cold shouldered Muslim delegations who had gone for help from time to time.  You must read this.

The Muslim businessman also explains how Modi’s Government removed the license-raj for schools and how this helped them in launching education drive among Muslims.

We know how Modi cut the troublemaker Togadia to size, how he prevented entry into BJP of the likes of Mutalik. We also remember how he asked his own party leaders not deviate from development agenda during an election campaign when he was under a vicious attack.

Media should have brought out the above facts impartially along with Modi’s alleged single failure related to 2002 riots. By playing up Modi’s alleged single failure very aggressively  and by suppressing many of his ground level achievements and by suppressing the role of Congress as a prime culprit for riots the main stream media has rendered a big disservice to us.

The main stream media are further compounding this by continuing with their improper reporting, for instance in case of recent disturbances in Pune. Media failed to ask the Police about their failure in controlling the mobs and of apprehending people with criminal records. Media failed ask the State Home Minister and Chief Minister about the riots and the murder. Media reports intelligence failure. Who should be held accountable for this?

The media have been spreading a ‘theory’ that BJP’s wining the election has emboldened the ‘right-wing fanatics’. What has the ‘secular’ state government been doing? Who encouraged killing of BJP workers in West Bengal? Who encouraged riots in Assam?

The problem for us citizens is that there is no counter to the media’s misinformation campaign.  We remain in dark until someone like Madhu Kishwar takes huge efforts to discover ground level facts, record them and present them. We voted for Modi despite media being against him, because of his huge and indefatigable campaign to reach us with his development agenda, his track record, his sincerity, work by BJP and RSS cadres and some concerted activism of his supporters on social media. But now he is and will be busy with governance. Who will tell us what really is happening?

The Congress has built a system of favors and disfavors which has ensured that only one voice is heard despite a large number of publications. This eco-system is deeply entrenched and it is at work even now.

The challenge to our freedom of expression is, ironically, the main stream media. The same media whose freedom we guard zealously. What should we be doing?



Media n Congress game: Pune techie murder, communal tension smells of Congress politics | Niti Central

#Congress n #msm are in old game over ‘Muslim’ techie murder. They want to dislodge Prithviraj and malign Hindus.
Anil Shitole was also misquoted by TV channels.